The 13 member korean group will arrive Chile for their first time to hold a concert and an exclusive fansign.

August 29th – 9:00 pm / Movistar Arena / CONCERT
August 30th – 0:30 am / Sky Costanera / FANSIGN

On Tuesday, August 29th the Movistar Arena will be part of the korean group SEVENTEEN’s debut, one of the kpop group most anticipated over the last couple of years. The next day, on Wednesday, August 30th will be held, on the highest part of Sky Costanera, what will be the first ever fansign by a kpop group in Chile.


NoiX Entertainment production, with the intention of achieving an experience as similar as possible to what is experienced in Korea, chose the highest viewpoint in Latin America for this activity.

The Sky Costanera will be the place to receive 100 fans, who will access through a lottery made the same day of the concert at Movistar Arena.

– Only will be available for the 3000 fans who bought their CARAT VIP ticket.

– To be part of the lottery, fans will receive a coupon for every $10.000 Chilean pesos (around US$16) by shopping oficial merchandising on the concert’s day.

– The winners will be revealed after the show is ended through the big screen on the SEVENTEEN’s stage and through NoiX Entertainment’s social media.


1.- If I have my CARAT VIP ticket, but I don’t buy merchandising, can I still be part of the lottery?

No. Basically the CARAT VIP ticket gives you to the chance to participate and only by buying merchandising over $10.000 chilean pesos (around US$16) you will have access to the coupon to be in the lottery. That’s why who bought their VIP ticket and reserved/bought their CARAT BONG will get 3 coupons ($30.000 chilean pesos, around US$48). The more you buy, the more you get a chance to be picked.

2.- Having the CARAT VIP ticket, only gives you the chance to be part of the HITOUCH’s lottery, by filling the application given by the production company (link:

3.- There will be merchandising sale for all locations.

4.- The fansign will be developed in the same way as in South Korea, that is, you will have a minute to talk with SEVENTEEN’s members. Everything is ruled by the production company/group’s agency and obviously by the arrangement of the artist.

5.- EXTRA INFORMATION: MONSTA X WILL NOT HAVE a fansign event, while KARD’s fansign will be held by a different way.


Las últimas entradas disponibles están a la venta a través del sistema Puntoticket (Ripley y Cinemark) y sin cargo por servicio en la NoiX Store ubicada en el Local 17-A del Dos Caracoles (Av. Providencia 2216).

Tribuna: $ 25.000
Platea alta: $ 30.000
Platea baja: $ 55.000
CARAT VIP: $ 100.000

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